DSC_2688 copy

Hanwen Xie


Artist, Photographer, Painter, Graphic Designer

BA. Visual Art from University of California San Diego




Nikon 24-70mm/f2.8G; Nikon 14-24/f2.8G; Carl Zeiss Makro Planar 50mm ZF2



Photos are history, the one who presses the shutter have seen the pass.

I am the one.

I pressed my first shutter on my parents’ camera when I was four, and press million from the past to the future. Having experience from film era to a digital period, saying bye-bye to darkroom and hello to photoshop, the only thing that never change is the love to Art.

Photographer has eyes to see the details, and details make life. The eyes also help me on my Art career. I love to try different ways to do my Art work. Being creative and keeping a curious mind is my strongest power in Art.

I grew up in different countries, China, Japan, Canada and America, and this experience gives me board background and knowledge of world affairs and cultures, which also influence my Art works.

 I wish you enjoy here;)

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